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We can tailor make your care whereby we can have a sit in visit companion to talk too, as loneliness plays a big part in an ageing society.

Most people will feel lonely at some point in their lives. It’s a deeply personal experience that, in most cases will thankfully pass by. But for a growing number of people, particularly those in later life, loneliness can define their lives and have a significant impact on their wellbeing.

What causes loneliness?

We often feel lonely when we feel we don’t have strong social relationships.

There have been several studies that have identified a range of factors associated with being lonely in older age.

These factors include:

  • Social networks (living alone, being widowed or divorced, a lack of contact with friends and family and limited opportunities to participate in social occasions)
  • Health (poor health, limited mobility, social care needs or cognitive and sensory impairment)
  • Individual characteristics (age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, low income, retirement)
  • Neighbourhood characteristics (structures of buildings and streets, provision of local amenities, territorial boundaries, area reputation, neighbourliness, material deprivation of area of residence).

Loneliness is associated with depression, sleep problems, impaired cognitive health, heightened vascular resistance, hypertension, psychological stress and mental health problems.

Our aim is to have our carers looking after your loved ones helping them to live the lifestyle they want in their own homes.

We at Jewel Home Support understand it can be difficult at times to plan around your busy schedule.

Therefore, we have carers who can be companion’s to your loved ones. It is important for our clients to have someone they can relate to or talk on a regular basis.

  • General companionship and conversation
  • Cooking and sharing meals
  • Help with your weekly shopping
  • Joining in with your favourite hobbies
  • Help with general domestic tasks (cleaning, laundry etc.)
  • Help with travel arrangements, Driving you where you would like to go
  • Arranging and accompanying you to and from appointments, Planning outings and Social visits.

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