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How you take your medicines has a big impact on how well you feel. If you don't take your medicines as prescribed, what could happen?

Our care workers are fully trained to support you with all aspects of medication, from a gentle prompting to take your medication to administering medication.

Take the time to learn how and when to take your medicines and when to apply ointments. Some medicines must be taken at night to be effective; others with food or on an empty stomach. Some medicines must not be taken at the same time as other medicines.

Read the instructions that come with your medicine and make sure you understand them. If you are unclear, get advice from your pharmacist.

For each medicine, you should know:

  • The name of the medicine, what the medicine is prescribed for
  • If you don’t think the medicine is working, tell your doctor
  • How it should be taken and when it should be taken
  • Possible side effects
  • Ways to remember when to take your medicines

There are several things you can do to make sure you take the right medicine, in the right dose at the right time.

Get into a routine of taking your medicines at the same time each day. Repeating this activity daily will create a routine like brushing your teeth after breakfast and before bedtime If you regularly take several tablets each day, your pharmacist may be able to supply you with a monitored dosage system. This is a system that groups your tablets for each day in sealed containers and they supply a chart for the carer to record your daily medication.

The carer can give a gentle reminder to take medication. We offer a free service where you can have your medication delivered to our office and your carer will collect and bring your medicine to you directly.

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